Visualize Chicago Energy Benchmarking

Author: Alan Hamilton

Energy alan

This map shows the geographic distribution of buildings that are required to report annual energy use to the City by the ordinance. The Chicago Building Energy Use Benchmarking Ordinance calls on existing municipal, commercial, and residential buildings larger than 50,000 square feet to track whole-building energy use, report to the City annually, and verify data accuracy every three years. The law, which phases in from 2014-2017, covers less than 1% of Chicago’s buildings, which account for approximately 20% of total energy used by all buildings. For more details, including ordinance text, rules and regulations, and timing, please visit The ordinance authorizes the City to share property-specific information with the public, beginning with the second year in which a building is required to comply. Initially, the dataset includes 243 properties larger than 250,000 square feet that were covered by the ordinance in both 2014 and 2015. The dataset represents self-reported and publicly-available property information for January - December, 2014. In future years, the City plans to release additional building data, as-authorized by the ordinance. Using the "Data Year" column, this map shows data for 2014, as reported in 2015.

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Great visualization!